If your days feel overscheduled & overcomitted, you can turn it around.

Sleep alone is not enough to address an over-functioning life. You also need the right type of rest that refreshes you from stress and work throughout your week.

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"As I'm listening to the street sweeper go past the house, I recognize the vibration and noise are bothering me and disrupting my usually quiet morning. I now know I need more Sensory Rest." ~Donna

"According to my quiz results, Creative Rest is what I need right now!" ~Elise

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    Deanna Mason

    Bible and Spiritual Formation Teacher & Creator of the Study, Pray, & Rest Podcast

    Who am I?

    I'm Deanna Mason, Biblical Literacy & Spiritual Practices Teacher, Marketing Consultant, and Founder of Needle Movers for Social Equity (501c3). With this mini-course, I've helped:

    Ministry Leaders

    Consultants & Coaches




    Home Managers

    Stay-at-home Moms

    Career Moms...

    Come to understand what activities are depleting them and how to replenish themselves with the right kind of rest.

    What you'll receive:

    • A quiz to help you identify how you need to rest right now
    • The 7 Ways to Rest Video Mini-Course
    • A Guided Prayer about Rest
    • A 30-Day Rest Scripture Writing Plan
    • A meditation to help you quiet your thoughts & transition from work tasks to focus on family and rest